Jonathan Monk

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When invited to participate in Loodd’s chapter entitled ‘Hidden Toys’, referring to a mysterious De Chricico painting from 1911, Jonathan remembered a weird coincidence.

He owns a holiday house in Greece, located in a small town in the inland, where there is a very strange bakery. The shop looks like a train station. And Jonathan found out that it was in fact a building conceived by the father of Giorgico de Chirico, who worked as engineer/architect for the National railway. The owner of this small bakery was very proud about one personal creation, that he always would

offer to his foreign guest. It was a weird shaped cake, half plant, half animal alike.

So Jonathan decided it could be a great idea to take this Chricico-related piece of pastry to create an artwork.

He took one of the cakes back home to Berlin, dried it in the sun and then let it scan in 3D. Finally a wooden copy of the piece was created, turning the object in a Hans Arp like abstract sculpture.

It has a kind of futuristic, Italian aura too, inspiring a sense of motion or movement. The use of the ‘thing’ however remains mysterious, turning it in a kind of metaphysical ‘metaphor’ of who knows what.

Jonathan Monk was born in Leicester in 1969 and lives and works in Berlin. He has a BFA from Leicester Polytechnic (1988) and an MFA from Glasgow School of Art (1991).