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The beach towel/yoga mat made as an edition for LOODD is an adaption of Stefan Brüggemann’s Beats per Minute Paintings. These acrylic paintings, made in an unlimited seriesof unique works, combine block colours or abstract colour fields with a recurring text.

The machine-cut vinyl letters are applied to the painted ground by hand. The canvases range from sober, monochrome renditions that lean towards conceptual interpretation, to painted manifestations of vibrant acid-coloured actions. As in much of Brüggemann’s work, the relationship between language and image is a central concern. At times the text dominates the foreground, whilst at others it gives the appearance of being partially buried in the painted field. Each work thus features a new arrangement of image and text that expands on a productive, yet unstable relationship that becomes especially patent when several works are displayed together. The text itself appears as an extended quotation, but one that might have been appropriated from multiple sources–part William Burroughs cut-up, part concrete poem, part uncreative writing-finally atomised and recombined. It refers to an idea of how the self and the external world interpenetrate, accompanied by the frantic pulse of time. The ‘beat’ in the title distinguishes abstract time from lived duration; one provides a verifiable measurement, while the other stresses an experiential quality. The act of transforming these art pieces in trivial objects, with a clear use or function, transforms radically the iraura. By democratizing them, converting them in an edition, the artist quotes attitudes we all know from pop artists like Andy Warhol. It questions the value of the art piece, that has this ability to switch quickly from high to low.

Born in 1975, Stefan Brüggemann is an artist working and living in London and Mexico City.


2020Hauser & Wirth, 'UNTITLED ACTION (GOLD PAINTINGS)', St Moritz, Switzerland
HOP Projects, 'OK (UNTITLED ACTION)' Folkestone, UK
Galeria Nuno Centeno, Porto, Portugal

2019Centre Pompidou, Forum, 'Extra!' 'Headlines and Last Lines in the Movies (Guernica)', Paris, France
Centro de las Artes Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
Hauser & Wirth, 'HYPER-PALIMPSEST', London, UK

Past Shows and Fair BoothsGroup shows2020Basel Online, Hauser & Wirth2017Portable Art: A Project by Celia Forner, Hauser & Wirth, New York2014Sed Tantum Dic Verbo (Just Say The Word), Blain | Southern, BerlinFair booths2018Parra & Romero at ARCOmadrid 2018, Parra & RomeroHauser & Wirth at ARCOmadrid 2018, Hauser & Wirth2017Parra & Romero at ARCOlisboa 2017, Parra & RomeroParra & Romero at ARCOmadrid 2017, Parra & Romero2016Parra & Romero at ARCOmadrid 2016, Parra & RomeroGAM (Galería de Arte Mexicano) at Zsona MACO 2016, GAM (Galería de Arte Mexicano)2015Parra & Romero at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2015, Parra & RomeroParra & Romero at ARCOmadrid 2015, Parra & Romero