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I O’CLOCK 2020

Josephine Meckseper

Edition of 12 (2 AP)

Like a female Jacques Villeglé Josephine Meckseper likes to abuse existing ready made publicity images and posters. Making them her own, she invades the public domain and clearly explains the viewer that she -as final author- is the master of the situation. She decides what you get to see and what remains hidden. We can wonder if her German roots are the reason for the graffiti stripes added, like if the piece also suffered the effect of some kind of political protest or social uproar.

In a subtle way the artist makes use of the commercial forms of presentation and framing to seduce the viewer, influenced by consumer culture. She melts it together in an elegant mixture using the language of modernism with strategies known from window display. The beauty of the resulting image blurs the mind for further over-sophisticated interpretations.

$ lbs inch
kg cm
£ kg cm

  • Length 20 cm
  • Width 15 cm
  • Weight 0.5 kg
  • Price €5.000,-
  • Material aluminium, plexi, white frame

Josephine Meckseper

New York based artist Josephine Meckseper melds the aesthetic language of modernism with her own images and film footage of historical undercurrents.

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