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Two of Them

Christian Andersson

Edition of 20 (2 AP)

Christian Andersson’s edition for LOODD can be described as a set of ’surrealist’ keys. The oversized objects are presented as normal doorkeys hanging on a banal wall attachment like some ordinary ready-made or random, everyday tool. But we can imagine that there is no door or keyhole in the world existing, where they could be of any use. They look familiar but in fact they aren’t. A strange tension emmanates from them, a mistery to be solved.The artist was thinking of a quote of David Foster Wallace when creating them :‘Maybe any ‘realistic’ fiction’s job is opposite what it used to be – no longer making the strange familiar but making the familiar strange again. It seems important to find ways of reminding ourselves that most ‘familiarity’ is mediated and delusive.’

$ lbs inch
kg cm
£ kg cm

  • Length 44 cm
  • Weight 0.25 kg

Christian Andersson

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