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Anna Dot

Edition of 15 (5 AP)

The title of the poetical object is ‘La Foudre’, accompanied by a short text explaining that the possibility one is struck by lightning (being killed or miraculously surviving) are as remote as 1 in 3.000.000. The poster it contains refers to a publication of Italo Calvino, entitled ‘Il Castello deidestini incrociati‘. In it the author develops a complex narrative intertwining stories, based on two different readings, one of the Visconti, the other of the Marseille tarot. A real tarot card, belonging to a different tarot game, is indeed the crucial content of the box.It shows a tower struck by lightning. The card bears the same subtitle as the box. It is completed by a booklet explaining real life experiences of individuals that were victims of lightning. But far from giving us the impression of loosing ourselves in translation, looking for impossible answers, Anna Dot prepares the way to discover how' lightning and love are related.’

$ lbs inch
kg cm
£ kg cm

  • Length 12.5 cm
  • Width 8.5 cm
  • Height 2.5 cm
  • Weight 0.2 kg
  • Content box cardboard box with relief printing 'La Foudre', inside a tarot card, manipulated by the artist with golden pen, poster of tarot reading based on Italo Calvino's book 'The castle of crossed destinies', booklet explaining the probabilities of surviving being hit by lightning and surviving and its relation with ... love
  • Poster dimension A3

Anna Dot

“The majority of the cosmos is not visible, in fact we can only see a small portion of the world around us. But it is very fascinating to be able to use art, this visible thing, to express an invisible world.”

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