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Biel Capllonch

Edition of 10 (2 AP)

Capllonch's recent creations are the result of a solitary and patient work in his studio. Since years he has been working like a kind of Joseph Cornell, creating obsessively non-existing, artificial flowers. These handmade artefacts are all carefully covered with a black spray - fixing them as timeless iconic images. Afterwards he photographs them against complex self-constructed, sometimes hand painted landscape backdrops. His work is a meditation about unaccessible beauty, the ungraspable aesthetic force of the flower. As symbol of love and eternity. And all possible sentimental and symbolical meanings that can be given to these suggestive and intriguing 'black roses'.

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  • Length 51 cm
  • Width 42 cm
  • Weight 0.3 kg
  • Print technique Photographic colour print, Professional photo paper TECCO PM 230 Matt

Biel Capllonch

Born in Mallorca – lives and works in Barcelona. His career as a visual artist is extremely discrete and almost happens in the shadow of his career as successful commercial photographer and art director.

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