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The De Chirico Bakery Cheese Pie

Jonathan Monk

Edition of 20 (3 AP)

Giorgio De Chirico's father, Evaristo, was an engineer and worked for the Greek railways in and around Volos in Pelion, Greece. In the village of Lafkos there is a small bakery that makes the best cheese pies (Tzyropita Strift) in the region. Evaristo de Chirico designed the bakery in 1911 and the baker still uses the olive wood burning ovens following the traditional recipes of his forefathers.

Jonathan Monk : "On my last visit to Greece I acquired a cheese pie and carefully packed it for the trip back to my studio in Berlin. The pie was immediately 3D scanned and this digital pie was then perfectly recreated by a CNC routing machine in hard wood... from one organic material to another".

$ lbs inch
kg cm
£ kg cm

  • Length 20 cm
  • Width 20 cm
  • Height 15 cm
  • Weight 0.6 kg
  • Diameter 17cm
  • Height 2,5cm
  • Material Wood
  • Content box wooden copie of a Greek cheese cake 3D scanned and reproduced in natural wood. Presented in a blue box, copied from de Chirico's 'Forbidden Toys' 20 x 20 x 15cm. Signed and numbered by the artist. The wooden object has a hook in case you want to hang it.

Jonathan Monk

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