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Untitled (Spindle)

Joanna Piotrowska

Edition of 10 (1 AP)

For LOODD Joanna Piotrowska created an almost impossible, useless spindle, made out of transparent bohemian glass. The fragility of the object contrasts with it's supposed function as protection or support, converting it in an object with a poetic message.

Joanna Piotrowska analyses the relations we humans have with our environment. This research brought her to comparing it with the life of wild animals in a zoo. She discovered a similarity between the bars of a cage and the spindles of a domestic staircase.

$ lbs inch
kg cm
£ kg cm

  • Length 8 cm
  • Width 100 cm
  • Weight 4 kg
  • Diameter 8cm
  • Length 100cm
  • Material Handmade glass spindle

Joanna Piotrowska

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